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SOLASTA, global fashion brand coming to Bangladesh

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Youth means our today and tomorrow. Young people are the rightful holder of time and its sole translator. That is why it is important to be with the young, to understand their dimensional feelings and perceptions. More than half of Bangladesh’s populations are young. The information technology and the influence of global context have led to the unpredictable development of the multi-faceted creativity of almost a hundred per cent educated young people in the country. Their lifestyle also reflects the diversity of the world, due to their greater reach out. Everything they verify these days, they are brand conscious.

As the right answer to this question of the country’s youth, SOLASTA is set to launch as a brand-mate for the youth of Bangladesh, who are bound by their stories of glory and compassion. On this soul trip, SOLASTA slogan, Be New, Be You.

SOLASTA’s colourful day-long debut will be held at a five-star hotel in the capital Dhaka on Friday, January 31st. The presence of celebrity actor and Ex-Minister for Cultural Affairs Asaduzzaman Noor as the Chief Guest and BGMEA President Rubana Huq as the Special Guest will add farther image to the merriment event.

SOLASTA will be presenting over 300 lifestyle accessories on its formal launching for the attending audience. Noted celebrities from all walk of the community like sports, culture, education and arts including youngsters from different universities and media representatives of the country.

Spark of the event will be in the afternoon, a brilliant stage performance by the famed Prachyanat Theater, and a soaring music show by Chirkut, the top musical band in country.

To reach out to the young souls out there, SOLASTA already has launched an activation program across over 50 universities in Dhaka.

All SOLASTA wants is to win the heart of the youngsters. SOLASTA aims to introduce the world’s most-wanted brands and style to the young people and with maintenance of quality is committed to stay there with the fashionista of the country.

SOLASTA lifestyle and fashion venture is a unique initiative of Modele Group, a leading garment manufacturer and exporter in Bangladesh. For the past 25 years, Modele Group has gained confidence in the world market by producing and exporting quality products for top brands. This time, it aims to represent Bangladesh in the global market, establishing her name through fair competition alongside the market leaders. The group is the brainchild of Mr Masuduzzaman, a CIP industrialist recognized by the Government of Bangladesh, for his continuous contribution to the economy of the country through its 14 sister organizations.

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