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The baseline survey on Startups in Bangladesh is going to kick off

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The “Innovation Design and Entrepreneurship Academy (iDEA) project” of Bangladesh Computer Council under the ICT Division with its Startup Bangladesh banner is going to start the baseline survey on Startups in Bangladesh. A special workshop was held on Wednesday, March 11, 2020, at the ICT Tower in the capital, to succeed in this survey.

More than 30 professional and experienced data collectors have participated in thisworkshop who are working for this survey. The two-day long workshop was inaugurated by Mr. N M Ziaul Alam PAA, Senior Secretary, ICTDivision. Executive Director of Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) Mr. Parthapratim Deb was present as the special guest and Syed Mojibul Huq, Project Director (Additional Secretary) of iDEA Project was chaired the program.

At the inauguration of the workshop Mr. N M Zeaul Alam PAA, senior secretary of ICT Division urged all concerned to work with the surveysincerely. The final report that will be published after conducting the survey after 3 months will really help to streamline the startup ecosystem. This is the first such initiative from Startup Bangladesh-iDEA that will have a positive role for startups.

As a special guest, Executive Director of Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC), Mr. Parthpratam Dev thanked all the participants. He sharedthat the government is working to build an organized startup ecosystem. A variety of development initiatives are being undertaken on the welfare of startups. Everyone should work together to create a digital Bangladesh. This type of baseline survey is very important to build a solid foundation.

Syed Mojibul Huq, Project Director (Additional Secretary) of iDEA Project has chaired the program. He shared that an appropriate questionnaire is being prepared with the experienced professional for the survey, which will present a complete picture of the startups of Bangladesh after completing this survey. About 17 sectors have been included in this survey like- Health, Food Processing, Medicine, Medical Treatment, Transport, Tourism, Legal, RMG Sector, Education, Infrastructure, E-Commerce/ Marketplace, Financial Services, Agriculture, Media & Entertainment, Digital Services, E-Governance,etc. In the meantime, plans have been taken to survey about 700organizations initially from these sectors. With this survey, it will be easy for the startups of Bangladesh to identify what is really important for them, whether they need to change or refine or amend the legal issues in some areas.

Effective steps will be taken to integrate special recommendations and challenges from startups, including identifying where startups can make a special impact in certain areas of society, which will play an effective role in creating a special and well-organized ecosystem for startups. At the end of March 2020, the field-level survey will be started and the survey will continue for 3 months. During the survey, the Project Director Syed Mojibul Huq requested all startups to cooperate with the information needed in the survey to create the country’s startup-friendly ecosystem. 

Deputy Director of iDEA Project Kazi Hosna Ara, Senior Consultant to the project RHM Alaol Kabir, National Consultant for Communicationsof the project Shohag Chandra Das, legal consultant Adneen zeerin and other officials of the project were attended at the inauguration of the workshop. Market and social research firm “Innovative Research & Consultancy (IRC) Limited” and Adon Communications Ltd. are the partners in this survey activity.

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