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Ascension is basically a volcanic island. And this is located near the Equator. At present, the island not that much important as it was during the last days of the Second World War. The island was used as a naval and air base. The island is like a dot amid few other surrounding islands in the regions. The island has been named after the day of its discovery. It was discovered on the Ascension Day. Earlier, the island was important to mariners. They used the islands as a station to get coal. Some commercial airliners also have used it for some days.

The island has experienced many ruling systems but it was not used as a permanent place for habitation. Each of the time, the island was used as the place of interest and whenever the interests were done, people left the place. So, urbanization or habitation did not bloom in the island and it remained almost empty in the other times.

So, the absence of mainstream media is a common issue for the island. But strategically, the island is still important and it could be used for different purposes. Currently, the island is used for different military base and stations.

The climate of the island is not the same all the time. Sometimes, it is hot and sometimes it becomes too cold. So, living or ordinary people is extremely hard in this place. Unluckily, the island does not belong to any country and alternatively, no countries take the charge of the island. The rough nature of this volcanic island keeps it uninhabitable. As a result, the island is devoid of any sort of media outlets.

But the bases here have their own communication tools and equipment for communicating with their respective headquarters.

The island has some temporary visitors and they also come with their own communication tools. When they need to know any information from media, they just browse the websites using their personal arrangement of the internet. Except this, there is no media presence on the island. And in fact, this is not important to have the media outlets in the islands as this is not preferred as a habitation.

Besides, entering the island requires some written permission from the Queen or representative of the Queen. So, many of the people do not feel interested in visiting the island and they have no attraction for the military and air bases.

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