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India, Estb. : 2003

NDTV stands for New Delhi Television Limited. NDTV — India’s most trustworthy source of news. It is an Indian commercial broadcasting television network. It is a type of public company and industry is Media. It was launched in 1988. Radhika Roy and Prannoy Roy are the respective founder of it. Vikramaditya Chandra is the CEO of NDTV.

It provides the latest news to the country people. News like politics, economics, sports, weather, entertainment, budget, opinion, city news, country news and also world news. It is among India’s top broadcasters. It gives organized news coverage of the whole world.

NDTV also arranges campaigns through its channels to support education, rural electrification, and consciousness on climate change. Some of its campaigns are Greenathon, Save our Tiger campaign, Support my School Campaign, Fit India Movement, Marks For Sport, Save India’s Coasts etc.

It has 3.61 M followers on twitter and 5,024,540 likes on its Facebook page. is the website of NDTV. In Alexa Ranking rank is 208 as Global Rank and 16 in INDIA with 78.1 percent of visitors. Its Bounce Rate is 43.50 %. NDTV is headquartered in New Delhi, India.

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