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Angola is an African country has experienced numerous ups and downs. So, the media outlets in the country are not enriched too much like the other countries of the world. The country has experienced a civil war in the last part of the previous century. After receiving independence from Portugal in 1975, the country plunged into disorders. In fact, the movement for liberation was the key issue at that time which cast a negative impact on the mass media. The media outlets could not flourish due to a congenial environment. The entire country was under a disorder and running journalistic activities was almost impossible in that time. The media outlets are still having almost same sort of problems at the present times.

The mainstream media outlets are made of print, broadcast and online media. But the readership for print media is lower than expected. Television is the greatest source of entertainment for the local people. They enjoy a wide range of television shows and events. Besides, some of the youths are addicted to the internet and they browse different websites for

Press freedom has been violated in the country. And during the civil war neither of the political parties got any media coverages. In fact, the scenario could have been altered if there were proper media attention on the civil war issues. Moreover, the distrust of the parties involved into the civil war had also contribution for the hampering of the media freedom. Press, in the country, is not free to move. And often there are incidences of law violation. The journalists are not secured in the country since the civil war period. Even, in the current days, the press is not allowed to speak freely.

The government still has a domination of media but it solely controls the news agency only and a few daily newspapers having a moderate readership. Some foreign languages are also used in the country to print or broadcast news and information. The press mostly uses French, English and Spanish languages for publication as the people using those languages are more in the country.

Angola has over 20 newspapers of different languages. Some of them are dailies and published in the English language while some others are published periodically. Most of the newspapers are published using the local language and some others are published for the readers of other languages. The newspapers contain a wide variety of news and information for the audience. And the readership is a bit lower than the neighbors.

There are four television channels in the country altogether. But the freedom of expression for the press, particularly the broadcast media outlets are under threat from different quarters. A number of journalists were imprisoned and killed during the civil war in the country.

Radio is the most accessible and influential media outlet in the country and particularly for the people living outside of the capital. At present, there is a single state-owned radio station operating in the country in line with some other private radio stations. They provide different variety of news and information to the audience.

The use of the internet is on the rise and a remarkable number of local people have access to the internet. They use the media to get news and events instantly.

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