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Nepal is officially known as the Federal Republic of Nepal. This is a landlocked country and located in South Asia. The country is also known as the Himalayas. This is a small country with seven states and the population is also limited. The history of the country dates back to long ago and has experienced numerous ups and downs. But in the modern age, there are great changes and has emerged as a developing nation.

The media in Nepal is made with newspaper, television, radio and online news portals. The state has both public and private media outlets and different languages are used in their operation. Few of the sources are free of barriers. The government has some sort of ban on news publishing and broadcasting. The local journalists are not allowed to cover certain events for some reasons and when they are out for covering such issues, they may fall in danger.

The local media outlets of Nepal offer a wide range of programs for its audiences. But the restrictions are permitted by the constitution of the country. many of the journalists are subject to death threats and physical attacks have become so common in the country. In fact, such activities are losing media freedom. The journalists are unable to work independently. They are mostly attacked when they cover any political event of demonstration or unrest.

Besides, the financial situations of the majority of the media outlets are not too strong. So, the journalists have to work under different situations that the journalists in other countries are not familiar with.

The complete press freedom is not available in the country and the journalists always need to worry about violation issues. The language is another barrier in this cases and the journalists also have to remain careful about the matter. The media outlets are also restricted to broadcast or publish any content that has some detrimental impacts on the society. Criminal defamation charges are quite common in such cases against the journalists.

Radio has been playing a great role in mass communication in Nepal. The country has a good number of radio stations. It has 6 AM stations, 200 FM stations, and one shortwave radio station. The radios provide a good number of bulletins and events for the public interest.

Television is a great source of entertainment for the Nepalese people. Around 50 television channels are operating inside the country. Some of the channels are privately owned while some others are publicly owned. The channels try to broadcast programs of different interest. They also broadcast using several languages.

Over 40 newspapers are being published in Nepal. Some of them are dailies while some others are published weekly or biweekly. Majority of the newspapers come with the local language and there are some English dailies are also available. A wide variety of news and information are available in the newspapers.

The number of internet users is on the rise in Nepal. Consequently, the people have started using the internet to know about news and views, and a notable number of online news portals are available in the country that serves the purpose.

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