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East Jerusalem

Media in the State of Palestine is undergoing several changes. Till today, the media has crossed at least three stages. The media outlets have changed their strategies different times and ways. At a stage, the country was under the lens of global media for the nationwide unrest and other issues. And gradually the expansion of media has occurred in the country.

Media freedom is not remarkable in the country for many reasons. And the entrance of foreign media was banned here so that the inner issued could not be exposed to the world. But now there is a boom in media outlets. A notable number of media outlets are operating in the country at present. Despite a serious type of hostility, the journalists and other media activists are offering their best efforts to bring out the news and information for the betterment of the nation. But they are still suffering suppression from different quarters in both the wings of the country – West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The media outlets are conducting their operation across the country using diversified languages. English is one of the prominent languages in line with other local languages. But the readership for the English languages is lower than the local languages.

Women are often used in media to promote something. They actually have no value in terms of managing family and household. They are mostly shown as the tool to promote products and services. In fact, the media outlets of the country cannot get out of the stereotype image of the women. Participation of women in media is also lower than the neighboring countries. But they are participating in the peaceful national movements of the country.

The newspapers have been being published following the Oslo Accords of 1993. And there was a single newspaper in the Arabic language. Palestinians living outside of Jerusalem were not allowed to publish any newspaper or take part in media activities. And the Israel and Palestine conflict, that has been going on for a long past, played an important role here.

In print category, there are three major newspapers in the country. The newspapers are based on some political grounds and mostly use the Arabic Language for publication. The newspapers contain different types of contents. And the readership is notable. And all the newspapers are dailies.

In Palestine, there are around 70 radio stations are under operation at present. The Voice of Palestine is the official radio station for the country. There are four other radio stations are also operating in the country and those are based in Ramallah. Besides, there are some other private stations are also registered with the government for their operation based in different cities and towns.

The number of television channels is 31 in the territory. And all of those are registered with the information ministry of the country. Besides, there are a couple of national television channels are also available across the country but the taste of people is not limited only to those channels. Some foreign channels are also broadcast in Palestine.

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