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Syria is a country filled with numerous interesting and historic features. So, the media has special roles to play here to portray the national heritage. But in reality, this appears impossible for the unrest and other situations across the country.

The traditional media outlets in the country primarily is made of newspapers, television, radio, and internet. The role of films is also notable in the country but that is not considered as the mainstream media. Amid the different types of media outlets, television plays the most important role. Television is accessible to almost all of the people than the other media outlets.

The media outlets in the country use different languages including English and French. But the national language of the country is Arabic and a majority of the media outlets publish or broadcast in the language.

Syria is considered as one the riskiest place for journalism. Often the journalists are abducted, tortured and even killed. Besides, the access of foreign media is limited in the country considering its political unrest and other issues.

The government monitors the media outlets strictly and the publication and broadcast of certain issues are under censorship. The media outlets cannot broadcast or publish contents which have threat potentials for the nation. So, the media upsurge is a bit troublesome in the country and suffers stress to a great extent.

In fact, the media outlets are often confused to cover the news of the country. Some of the parts of the country are controlled by the government while some other parts are controlled by the militant and other armed groups. So, it is hard for the journalists to visit all the places and gather news and necessary other information for preparing the broadcast and publication.

For the unrest inside the country, Syria turned into the deadliest country for the media people. The information dictatorship has made the situations worst. Many of the foreign journalists have been murdered in the country by the militant groups and those were made online.

The government and the opposition parties have their respective media outlets in the country but the number of audiences is the same. People who support the government are the audience of the media owned by the government. And those who are against the government prefer to be the audience of the media outlets owned by private initiative.

Around 21 newspapers are in operation in the present days. They are mostly daily newspapers and published from different parts of the country. The newspapers have imposed a self-censorship on them to survive. They refrain from publishing news and information that may hamper the national security. Besides, the government monitoring is also responsible for the censorship.

The number television channel is around 21 and some of them are owned by the rebel groups. The television channels broadcast a wide range of programs but the majority of them are political propaganda.

Eighteen (18) radio stations are operating across the country and they broadcast mainly in the Arabic language. Majority of the radio broadcasters provide news and information of varied interest. They also broadcast music and advertisements as well. The number of radio audience is also adorable.

The internet is also accessible to some extent and at present, the number of the internet users is on the rise in the country. So, the internet users browse a wide range of website either for entertainment or for gathering information.

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