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The mainstream media in Turkey has a huge competition. They compete with each other in different terms. A good number of media outlets are available in the country and they are regularly published with numerous types of news and information. Besides, some foreign media outlets are also operation in Turkey. But the country has some different scenario in terms of ownership of media outlets. Majority of the mainstream media outlets are owned by private companies while the number of state-owned media outlets is lower.

The large conglomerates are the owner of media outlets and there are some wealthy people who also take part in the activities. The private companies use the media outlets for their domestic promotion and propaganda but they also maintain a good relation with the government on some issues.

Media censorship in the country is a great issue to consider. The government is a bit harder on media outlets regarding the violation of some specific rules and regulations. A notable number of journalists have been arrested and prosecuted so far by the government for many a reasons. As a result, the media freedom index of the country had a sharp fall.

The media outlets mostly try gaining revenue from advertisements. Besides, they are to get a license for their operation. Moreover, they often have to struggle with the press freedom issue. Though the constitution guarantees press freedom, sometimes the press is subjugated by the authority. Ordinary journalistic activities are not barred but when there are some sensitive issues, a self-censorship is imposed on the media outlets. The Right to Information Act of the country ensures information for all the people.

The newspaper is one of the mainstream media outlets and the number of circulation is higher than other types of media. The readership of the newspaper is higher for many reasons. They are also published in different languages. Besides, the circulation of privately owned newspapers is higher than that of the state-run newspapers. The pro-government newspapers are lower in relative circulation while the majority of the share is occupied by the privately owned newspapers. Interestingly, the country has over 170 newspapers but the least portion of them are daily newspapers. Most of them are weeklies, biweeklies, and monthlies.

Over 30 television channels are in operation in the country. They operate using several language and the number of audiences is also higher. Since most of the television channels are privately owned, they try to uphold their commercial interests. But they also care for the audience group and broadcast educative and entertaining programs too. The satellite channels are also notable in this case. The prevalence of satellite channels is also higher in line with the local television channels. But the media contents are controlled by a specific government body.

The number of radio listeners is also wide. The country has around 1000 radio stations and they operate in different languages. The number of private radio stations is more than that of the publicly owned stations. They broadcast a wide number of programs and shows including music, talk shows, news and others.

The use of internet is increasing in the present days. As a result, the use of websites and other online outlets is also increasing across the country. People in Turkey use the internet to get connected with the world and browse different websites to know news and information around them.

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