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The traditional media outlets in Micronesia are a bit different from the usual outlets in the surrounding nations. This is a group of 600 islands. And they are located in the North Pacific Ocean. The islands are wonderful and often crowded by tourists across the world. They come here to enjoy the beauty of nature. As a result, the media outlets have failed to bloom here to the fullest extent. There are some cable television channels available here and some of the people have their access to the internet. So, the inhabitants of the islands and the external people do not feel the necessity of newspapers.

But to save the islands from the trouble of having no newspapers at all, the government has introduced a bulletin system. In fact, it is the federal government who introduced the bulletin. It is published on a fortnight basis. This is a type of newsletter that contains all the necessary news and information for the local people. Each of the states has their own newsletter that carries news and views happening around. As a result, the people have the chances to read the fortnightly bulletin. The bulletin has several sections that provide the news and other related information of home and abroad so that the readers could come to know about them. In fact, only the television and radio is not enough to make the people aware of the surrounding happenings.

Freedom of expression is ensured by the state while publishing or broadcasting contents. When the contents are up to the mark and have nothing controversial, the authorities are allowed to publish or broadcast them for the people. But when there are issues with state security and others, the media outlets need to impose a sense of self-censorship even though they are not instructed. So, this is interesting that the media outlets are able to express their thoughts and ideas through the publications or their respective broadcast outlets.

The cable televisions are also not available everywhere. They are available in only on Pohnpei and Chuuk. They provide a wide number of shows and series to the audiences. And the number of such audiences is moderate. Besides, the television channels also have their distinctive contents customized for the audiences. So, the audiences are never bored rather they eagerly wait for the shows and events on the television channels.

On the other sides, the radio outlets are available across the islands. Most of the religious organizations run the radios. So, the number of religious programs has more priority than the other types of programs available across the world. But they broadcast some other usual shows and bulletins for the audience too which are really important. In fact, radio stations are the primary source of information for the audience in the islands. They come to know about the world around them and the happenings and accordingly synchronize themselves.

But the number of the internet users is relatively lower than the other types of media outlets. This has happened to the poor infrastructure and excessive cost of the internet. But people who use the internet mostly use it for their social networking. Besides, some of them use the internet for knowing the happenings of the world through the online media outlets.

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