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The media outlets in the Solomon Islands are vibrant than the surrounding regions. The media outlets have their presence and are able to reach people or targeted audience they need for their survival. Besides, the populations of the islands are also educated. So, the number of readerships is also higher.

Press freedom in the region is guaranteed. The government allows the existing media outlets to operate in their own way. In fact, the government does not interfere with the media issues. As a result, the media outlets do not need to be concerned if they publish or broadcast anything that goes against the government. Actually, the necessity of a free media is well understood by the government.

The media outlets are made with the participation of newspaper, television, and radio. All of the media outlets are running their operations smoothly. The newspapers play an important role to inform people about the recent happening. But the radio stations are the primary source of information for the Islanders. People mostly get news and information from the radio stations which are accessible from any parts of the islands.

Though the islands underwent a couple of changes and ruling periods, the governments had the similar attitude towards media operation. As a direct result, the media outlets have become well-established. They are operating without any domination. Even since the British period, the media outlets are operating independently. And the present age is marked as the best time for the media operation.

A majority of the people use different local dialects though the islands were under British domination. A few of the people speak English and so, the number of media outlets using English is less. Most of the people here are farmers but the islands are filled with natural resources. Tourists also crowd in the islands to enjoy the natural beauties from around the world.

The islands have a single daily newspaper. And the newspaper is under publication since 1982. The newspaper is available in a local language but it publishes its copies in English on weekdays. Besides, there is another weekly newspaper available in the islands. The circulation of the newspapers is moderate than the population number. But, the newspapers are mostly available in the city areas.

The islands do not have any specific television stations for the audience. But a relay of some television channels is available in the islands. They provide a good number of shows and events for the audience.

The islands have three radio stations. And all of them run in AM frequency. The radio stations are more popular than the other types of media outlets as they are accessible from everywhere.

The access to the internet is limited for the Islanders. There is a single internet service provider available in the islands. And the users mostly use the internet for their social communication. Consequently, no internet-based media outlets are available here.


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