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Dhaka, Bangladesh
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Daily Jugantor (Bengali: দৈনিক যুগান্তর) is one the leading popular Bengali daily newspaper of Bangladesh. The newspaper is printed and published by Jamuna Printing and Publishing Ltd (a sister concern of leading corporate House-  Jamuna Group) established in 1999.

Presently, the administrative operations are looked after by Jamuna Media Ltd. set up in 2002. Prominent journalist Saiful Islam is the acting editor of Jugantor. Within a few months of its publication, the newspaper gained tremendous popularity. It quickly reached the top position in terms of circulation and availability. It is very much popular among the population of West and South part of Bangladesh.

If we want to live in green and secure the environment then we should not cutoff the trees. So digitization of newspaper which is called e-Paper can save the trees because we don’t need to print it out anymore and save the money as well. Jugantor E-paper-, allows the readers to take the taste of print edition newspaper in online.

Visitor visit in that website more than 1 million per day. The advantage of that website, any kind of advertise in printed version, you will get there.  Whenever whatever news information you want in Bengali Language, you can easily get from that websites archive. Not only that, Daily Jugantor has also very rich news portal-, in there you will not get advertise which is published in printed version, but its contents very useful which is important for develop your daily life.

There are many feature pages in Jugantor, including Protimoncho, Ghore baire, Jugantor dot com, Tara Jhilmil, Sahittyo Samoyiki, Sajan Samabesh, Khelar Mela, Shasto kushol etc. Till December, 2014; 2,262,605 people liked Daily Jugantor page in Facebook-, so it is clear that Daily Jugantor also popular in world best social media.

For measuring world wide website (www) ranking by, Daily Jugantor’s present position 7,336 in Global Rank, 32 in Bangladesh, Bounce rate is 40.30% and 82.5% reader read it through internet from Bangladesh.

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