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Mashable is the world’s biggest self-determining website which offers news on Social Networking with news, information and resource for millions of visitor every day. The visitors can find here interviews, reviews and news on all things tech, business, entertainment, lifestyle social media, internet culture and many more.

Pete Cashmore the Founder of Mashable who launched it in 2005 as a new Startup to speed up with all other new services. It is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

Now Mashable has about 40 million monthly visitors and about 20 million Social media followers. It’s the newly established site which wins the visitors trust with their highly resourceful article.

The word Mashable comes from the ‘Mashups’ trends. It is the term to describe two or more online application that work together. In Mashable one can get a resource with a combination of Music, videos and text. So mostly from this concept the Pete Cashmore named this blog as ‘Mashable’.

Mashable has a vision to make a new pathway to all Startups who are trying to build their own through the digital innovation. Now we all live in a connected world. Things become easier and everything developed so swiftly with new technology.

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