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Dhaka, Bangladesh

Poriborton is one of the reliable and prominent daily online newspaper of Bangladesh. It wants to accompany the government-nongovernment organizations and acknowledge the dedication, labor, creativity and devising the power of the personalities combined with the general people.

This online news portal has a worldwide online circulation as it has been publishing all the news related to content. You can find on their portal from Hard News to Entertainment, from Business to Sports news including others like Education, Weather, Heather, Art & Culture, Stock Market, Real Estates, Fashion, Lifestyle, Political and Commercial affairs of Bangladesh and all over the world.

Mr. Anis Rahman serves as editor and Mr. Lutfor Rahman Himel serves as acting editor in this news portal. Poriborton has a very rich news portal in Bengali language Its contents very useful which is important to develop our day to day life. Whenever and whatever news or any information makes you want we strongly recommend this web portal. You can easily get information from their website and archive as well.

Till December 2014; 4,10,023 people liked Poriborton  page on Facebook. Their FB page is: So we can have assumptions that Poriborton is also popular in world best social media Facebook. For measuring world wide web site ranking by, Poriborton present position till December 2014, 21,031 in Global Rank and 104 in Bangladesh. Their Bounce rate is 39.60% and 87.1%reader read it through the internet from Bangladesh.

This Bangladeshi news portal is published from Dhaka with the following contact details:

HB TOWER (3rd Floor), 23/G/1 Panthopoth, Dhaka- 1205
Telephone: +8802862970, email: [email protected]

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