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The traditional media outlets of Bosnia and Herzegovina are formed with television, radio, and newspaper. The outlets are operated both by the government and by private initiatives. As a result, the media outlets enjoy a sense of competition among them which is helping them to grow. The media outlets mostly generate their revenues from sales. So, the situations are bit tougher for them to survive in the country.

Moreover, the press freedom is not available at a moderate level. Often the press freedom is restricted in the country. The government of the state is unwilling to bear any criticism against any of its policies. And if the media outlets publish or broadcast any such issues, they are to be accountable to the authority. Though the constitution ensures freedom of the press, in reality, the media outlets are unable to go with the freedom issues. Even, the journalists are often subject to violence. As a result, the progress of the media activities is hampered to many extents.

Among the other media outlets, television enjoys the title of most enjoyable media outlet. In fact, the television stations broadcast a good number of shows and events for the audiences across the country. The shows include drama, musical events, news bulletins, and others. Television is accessible from all parts of the country and they run their channels round the day. As a result, the television stations have become one of the greatest sources of entertainment for the people. But in some points, the television stations are run by the ruling parties. Hence, they broadcast a bit biased shows and information for the audience. It does not reflect the real conditions of the country at all.

The number of radio stations is moderate in the country and people have their access to the radio stations from the farthest corners of the country. The radio stations broadcast a good number of shows and events for the nationwide audiences. But the stations are also under the domination of the ruling party. As a result, the outlet is unable to take any independent decision. As the radio stations run after commercial basis, they have gained the trust of a targeted audience group.

Newspapers in the country are limited in number. There are around eight newspapers are available in the country while there are over 100 weekly and monthlies are available here. The newspapers and magazines serve different interests of the local people.

The use of the internet is limited and most of the people use the internet for their private purposes.

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