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Media in Poland is mainly composed of print, broadcasting and social media. Since the fall of communism, Poland has instated freedom of the press. Circulation of the newspaper is a strong tradition for the Polish people. There are total 1,157,000 circulations of daily newspapers and 963,000 circulations of non-daily newspapers. A strong characteristic of Polish newspaper is that the editors can freely express their opinions and the newspapers never hide their political sympathies. There are 59 daily newspapers and 460 non-daily newspapers. “Gazeta Wyborcza” is the most popular newspaper in Poland.

It was first published in 1989 by a Polish company Agora founded by the anti-communist movement. It has a circulation of around 600,000. Some other notable newspapers are “The Rzeczpospolita,” “Super Express Dziennik Sportowy,” “Nasz Dziennik,” “Trybuna” etc. The magazine sector is also well developed. Some of the publishers are foreign, and a very few are local. A few popular magazines are “Polityka,” “Newsweek Polska,” “Wprost,” “Gazeta Polska.”

Television in Poland was introduced in 1937. It is still the most important medium. There are 179 television stations and 13,050,000 television sets in Poland. About 999 million Euros come from the advertising revenue of the television sector. During the fall of communism, private stations were introduced. PTV Echo was the first private station in Poland. Now Polsat took place. The average consumption rate of watching television of Polish people is 4 hours 23 minutes. The consumption of watching traditional television increases with age. Some of the channels broadcasted by the public broadcaster TVP is TVP 1, TVP 2, TVP 3, TVP HD, TVP Kultura, TVP Seriale, etc. Polsat broadcasts Polsat News, Polsat Sports, Polsat Café, Polsat Play, etc.

Some radio stations were created in Poland in the 1920s but got interspersed due to World War II. Later on after 1989, many privately owned and independent radio stations escalated. Public radio (Polskie Radio S.A.) is the most important among the broadcast stations. Public radios are funded from the license fees and advertising. Some of the national radio channels are Białystok, Koszalin, Poznań, etc. Radio Poland is the only international radio that is broadcasted in Belarusian, English, German, Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian.

The rate of internet usage in Poland is pretty moderate. About 54% of the Polish adults who are above 18 years old use social media. Facebook is the most used social media till now and it has a usage rate of 74%, and the users are aged from 18 to 25 years old. The users aged above 25 and below 34 has a usage of 54%. Another local most popular social media site of Poland is (

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