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There are several media in the United Kingdom which includes television, radio, newspapers, magazines and websites. The UK is characterised by a comparatively large national press with 11 national daily newspapers, and 10 Sunday sister titles. The UK press is strong. There are 104 daily newspapers and 460 non-daily newspapers. The traditionally powerful daily paid circulation of national newspapers has been in steady decline for some time, although online readerships are rising. Print Circulation has fallen approximately 40 per cent between 2010 and 2018. The most prestigious British newspaper since the 19th century is The Times. There are also a lot of other newspapers like The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph, Financial Times, The Guardian etc.

Radio in the United Kingdom is dominated by the BBC, which operates radio stations both in the United Kingdom and abroad and is broadcast in 33 languages globally. The radio sector is almost equally divided between the public service broadcasting BBC stations (national and local) which account for 52.5 per cent of listening and commercial radio which accounts for 44.9 per cent. Among radio listeners, the average minutes spent listening is over 3 hours per day at 183 minutes. There are 653 radio stations. Regarding analogue licences, there are 286 local commercial stations, 43 BBC local stations, 3 UK-wide commercial stations, 5 UK-wide BBC stations, and 251 community radio stations. Some of them are BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 1Xtra, BBC Radio 6 music etc.

Television in the UK is digital. It was switched to digital from analogue signal in 2012. The BBC operates several television channels in the United Kingdom and abroad. The BBC’s international television news service, BBC World News, is broadcast throughout the world. Despite having the most successful broadcaster of Europe, BBC, the number of time audiences spends viewing broadcast TV has declined at a reasonably slow rate from 242 minutes in 2010 to 212 minutes in 2016. Some of the channels are BBC 1, ITV, Channel 4, Film 4 etc.

According to Internet world statistics for 2017, the UK shares the ranking of the third highest Internet penetration rates in the EU. The most used social media and messaging brands are Facebook (65 per cent), YouTube (46 per cent), Facebook Messenger (37 per cent), Whatsapp (33 per cent), and Twitter (25 per cent).

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