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Ebtekar News is one of the popular newspapers in Iran. The Tehran based paper publishes its news in Persian language.

The Persian word Ebtekar means “Innovation”.

The political alignment of the newspaper is reformist. Mohammad Ali Vakili,  a reformist politician who is currently a member of the Parliament, is licence-holder and managing director of Ebtekar.  

They anti-government paper focuses on political, cultural, social and economic news. It has 16 pages and those include- politics, community and citizen, market and capital, production and trade, Iran earth, hurry, literature and arts, economics, events, sports, international.  It has online version.

The newspaper was banned in April 2014 for “spreading lies” about removal of the prisons’ chief, Gholam Hossein Ismaili, due to his violent acts against political prisoners. However it was relaunched four days after its closure. 

Alexa Traffic Rank syas the global rank of Ebtekar news is 153410 and rank in Iran is 4413. 91.4% of the readers are from Iran. Daily page-views per visitor is 2.30.

The keyword “روزنامه ابتکار” or “initiative newspaper” is mostly used to find the webpage. The is used to search the page.

The newspaper is found active in every social media. In twitter it has 456 twits since 2014 and has  6,379 followers. It has ensured presence in Facebook,  Instagram and Telegram.

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