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Jame Jam TV is an Iranian television channel which was established to reach Iranians who have been living around the world leaving their country. It was a consisting of three channels under “Jame Jam Network”. The channel was launched on 16 December, 1997. It was named Jame Jam-1 later targeting the viewers in Europe.

Owned by Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Jame Jam TV focuses the Iranian programs.

Jame Jam-2 which was launched on 8 February 2000, was very popular among the Iranians living outside the country. It showed Iranian series, films, kids’ program, major Iranian sporting events, news. Its broadcast area was North America.

Established on 30 May 2002, Jame Jam-3 was also very people among non residential Iranian. Its broadcast area was Asia and Oceania. It showed news, Persian mega series, films, major Iranian sports and so on.

However in January, 2015 all three Jame Jam channels merged into a single channel.  Its headquarter is at Tehran.

Alexa Traffic Rank says that the global rank of Jame Jam tv is 295652 and the rank in Iran is 7330.

The viewers are mostly from Iran- 96.8%.

The channel is very active in various social media. It has huge viewers and followers in Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Telegram.

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