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Barbados is an island in the Lesser Antilles of the West Indies, in North America.  The first newspaper here was published in 1731, and it was Barbados Gazette. Barbados have two daily newspaper print publications; those are The Barbados Advocated (established in 1895) and The Daily Nation (established in 1973). They publish all kinds of news, and it includes, local, regional, politics, international news, etc. They offer magazines on certain days of the week.

Here is the list of the newspapers in Barbados.

Daily Newspapers include – The Barbados Advocate and The Daily Nation.

There are two other special newspapers too. They are Hansard and The Official Gazette of Barbados (Bridgetown)

Besides, there are news websites available as well. They are – Caribbean360 and Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation.

The region has some defunct newspapers as well. Earlier, they served the nation with great care. They are:

Barbadian, Barbados Agricultural Reporter, Barbados Gazette, Barbados Globe & Colonial Advocate, Barbados Mercury, Barbados Recorder, Barbados Standard, Barbados Times, The Beacon, Bridgetown Gazette, Caribbean Week, The General Intelligence, The Penny Paper, Pepper Punch, West Indian

The magazines include: Sporting Barbados, Barbados Property News, Caribbean Island Life and Resorts

However, Barbados introduced television in 1963.

Here is a list of the television stations of Barbados.


Digicel Play

Gone Viral TV

Every country has radio stations so as well as Barbados. The first radio station in Barbados was CBC Radio, and it was introduced in 1963 as the first wireless radio station.

Here is the list of the radio station of Barbados.

CBC Radio AM, Christ is The Answer Radio (CITA), Barbados Broadcast Service (BBC), Voice of Barbados (VOB), HOTT 95.3, Mix 96.9, Life 97.5FM, Capital Media HD, Quality FM, SLAM 101.1 FM, Faith FM 102.1, Power Radio

The internet users in Barbados are 228,717 (2016). So the internet in Barbados is widely available. It has quite a few internet cafes that have internet connectivity for their customers. Barbados has plans to cover up the whole island with WIFI internet access. Most of the WIFI users is on the west and south coasts of the island because most of the people work and lives in these areas. The internet services provider in Barbados is- Cariaccess Communications, Ozone Wireless, Sunbeach, and TeleBarbados.

In Barbados, telecommunication includes newspapers, online newspapers, television, radio, internet, etc. Barbados will gain more prosperity in the future.

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