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Belize is a country on the eastern coast of Central America. It is boarded in the northwest of Mexico, in the east by the Caribbean Sea. It has an area of 8,800 square miles and a population of 387,879 (2017).

The capital of Belize is Belmopan, but the media center is in Belize city. Belize has no daily newspapers, all of them publishes weekly. The newspapers of Belize publish various kinds of news, but politics plays an essential role in the publication. The first newspaper was published in 1970, and it was The Amandala.

There are three kinds of newspaper in Belize. They are Major, Minor and Defunct. The major newspapers include The Amandala, The Belize Times, The Guardian, The Reporter. The minor newspapers include Ambergris Today, Caye Caulker Chronicles, The Placencia Breeze, The San Pedro Daily, The San Pedro Sun, The Wabagari Post. The defunct newspapers include: The Alliance Weekly, The Beacon, The Independent, The National Perspective, The Star

The internet news media in Belize is ‘Breaking Belize News.’
Belize introduced television in 1980. There are six television station in Belize, and those are: Channel 3- Centaur Cable Network, Channel 5- Great Belize Television, Channel 7- Tropical Vision Limited, Channel 15- Krem TV, Love Belize, TITEC-TV

The first radio station of Belize is Krem Rdio (VPM- FM), it started in 1970. So the journey of radio stations of Belize began from there. The well-known streaming radio station of Belize are: Krem FM (FM 96.5), Love FM (FM 98.1), Mood FM Belize (FM 106.3), Faith FM Belize (FM 94.1), Vibes Radio Belize (FM 90.5), Fiesta FM 106.7 (FM 106.7), Radio Turquesa Belize (FM 91.5), Integrity Radio (FM 97.1), More FM (FM 99.5), Wave 105.9 FM (FM 105.9)
Internet access is widely available in Belize at a very affordable price. The users of the internet in Belize are 165,014 (2016). This entry gives the total number of internet users in Belize who can access the internet at home via any device.

All kinds of restaurants, hotels, resorts offer high-speed wireless internet connection to the customers. There are three internet service providers in Belize, DigiCell, BTL, and Smart. It includes monthly subscriptions and cheap pre-paid cards that work all over the country.

Telecommunication contains newspapers, radio, television, and the internet. Belize is quite improved from the way of telecommunications. In future Belize will be more developed in Telecommunications.

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