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CSR initiatives of Modele Group throughout Coronavirus pandemic

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Modele Group, the leading garment manufacturer and exporter of Bangladesh announced an integrated initiative packages to prevent spread of coronavirus outbreak and to ensure public security, food and health safety, especially for the people of Narayanganj. Mr. Masuduzzaman, the founding Managing Director of Modele Group said, “Narayanganj has been marked as the largest hotspot in terms of spreading Codid-19 meantime.
With the highest mercy of almighty Allah, life of people can be saved by creating a regional safety net along with the government initiatives taken by honorable Prime Minister Shaikh Hasina. Collective efforts of the affluent people and organizations with public awareness can abolish this disaster.” Modele Group declared a fund of around 5 crores taka (6 Lakhs dollars) throughout four tiers of public awareness and hygiene program, food support program, medical protection program, and financial aid program.
The group has allocated funds in four different tiers for Narayanganj people which is as follow:
# Programs (BDT)
1 Public Awareness and hygiene Program 40 Lakhs
2 Food Support Program 1.5 Crores
3 Medical Protection Program 1.5 Crores
4 Financial Aid Program 1.58 Crores
Total (apprx) 5.0 Crores
Under the public awareness and hygiene program, the group has taken different initiatives for public awareness to stop spreading CoVID-19, and to sterilize the city and roads by their own volunteers’ team with the help of the local people.
Under the food support program, the group has taken initiative to provide food support to estimated 15000 vulnerable families including factory workers, the food basket includes Rice, Dals, Cholas, Potatoes, oil, onions, and soap.
In order to ensure the working health safety and protection to the front liner medical team of the district. The group has stepped up to collect authentic medical protection equipment from overseas; hand gloves, PPE, goggles, shield, masks, thermometer etc are in the list. This equipment will be distributed through the proper authority to ensure maximum coverage.
Under the financial aid program, the Group is going to provide cash assistances to the different government organizations and elected authorities for their moral boost and appreciation to their vital role in handling such pandemic outbreak.  Narayanganj City corporation, Member of Parliaments, District Commissioner, Police, Local Commissioners, Media, and middle-class families are in the list of this financial aid.  They have announced 2 hot numbers where vulnerable families may contact and get support for food or finance. Mr. Masuduzzaman specially thanked to the city Mayor, Shamim Osman MP, Selim Osman MP, DC & SP of Narayanganj, Local Governments, Police, journalists, medical team and the cleaners from the city corporation for their dedication and efforts in dealing with COVID-19.
The brilliantly designed financial support will be distributed according to below declaration;
# Organizations/Authorities (BDT)
1 Mayor, Narayanganj City Corporation 20 Lakhs
2 MP, Narayanganj-4 20 Lakhs
3 MP, Narayanganj-5 20 Lakhs
4 DC, Narayanganj 20 Lakhs
5 SP, Narayanganj 10 Lakhs
6 For Middle Class Residences of Narayanganj 20 Lakhs
7 For Narayanganj City Corporation’s Cleaning Staff 10 Lakhs
8 For Print & Electronic Media Journalists of Narayanganj 10 Lakhs
9 Word Commissioner, Word No. 11 20 Lakhs
10 Word Commissioner, Word No. 12 05 Lakhs
11 Word Commissioner, Word No. 13 03 Lakhs
Total 1 Core 58 Lakhs
Besides, Mr. Masuduzzaman the founder of the Group, promised to stay beside wherever it may require to extend more support to any of the noble initiatives taken by authorities or stakeholders of the city. He remembered the golden past of Narayanganj where the brotherhood of the competent people saved society from many disasters.
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