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SAR, Washington

The history of the naming of the island is enriched but the media outlets were unable to shine like the name. In fact, there are no media outlets available on the island. A large number of reasons are playing roles in the failure of the media outlets in the island. The most important thing is that a good number of rulers and countries have dominated the island. And still, it is under the domination of the United States of America.

Thereby, the media outlets were unable to establish them on the island. Besides, the island is unorganized. It is an unincorporated territory of several nations. As a result, the mainstream media outlets were unable to set their wings. Further, this is one of the most isolated islands in the world. The number of populations is fewer than that of its neighbors. The nearest island population is over 500 kilometers away from this one. The island is used mostly for temporary purposes.

Consequently, there are no permanent residents here who will be in need of media outlets. The island is now administered by the US Air Force. They have their own communication system. They communicate with the world using sophisticated devices. And they are also able to know about the world within a single second. Actually, the island is now serving the military purposes for the Air Force and the runway is one of the noted one in the surrounding areas.

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