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A formerly war-trodden country, Yugoslavia is now moving forward with some visions. Media activities are mild here. But media freedom is yet to reach its peak. The people of the country had to suffer a lot in different periods. The history of resistance is also adorable. However, the media here plays an influential role in the present days. The numbers of media outlets are notable.

In the country, now newspapers, television channels and radios are available. But the numbers of the outlets are not appropriately identified. Though the outlets are able to run independently, they follow some specific rules. The outlets never run any propaganda against the government. Earlier, the media people had to bear some unbearable memories for the issue. So, now they maintain the sensor policies.
Due to different types of people across the country, the media outlets also deal with a number of issues. The issues contain politics, entertainment, socio-economic concerns and more.

The press freedom arrived in the country during the 1980s. Some of the newspapers started to publish reports and information about the deviations of the parties. But those were centered for the city people alone. The people living in the distant parts were out of the reach. However, the inauguration of television channels removed the concerns. Now, almost all the people have their access to media outlets.

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